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Welcome to Think Like A Model.  My goal is to foster a safe space where you are provided with accurate expectations of the modeling industry.   A space where you will be revered for your love of being photographed, peacocking on a daily basis, and ordering salads for lunch.  While I encourage a healthy hunger for the glamorous model lifestyle, here, you will learn the reality of the business so that you are better equipped to go forth and be fierce.

Many think modeling is easy; it simply requires good looks (brains being optional).  I would like to challenge that notion.  Those who are successful at what they do in life certainly offer more than just one dimension, for it requires a balance of many talents and skills to rise to the top of your game.

Can you sacrifice staying up late, drinking, partying, and eating junk food whenever you want?  Does waking up before the sun rises and finishing your work long after the street lights have come on sound like something you can handle?  Can you receive information about your next gig at the last minute and be prepared in time to take advantage of a great opportunity you would, otherwise, miss?

Do you require others around you to keep you motivated or are you disciplined enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle all on your own? Can you tough it out in extreme weather conditions, be it in the rain, snow, wind or even blistering heat?  Are you able to work in a different environment and for a different client every day, each requiring you to be alert and to look your best at all times?  If you said yes to all of these questions, you might want to consider the fact that reading something and experiencing it are two separate things.

Modeling Tips - Modeling

Be excited, be enthusiastic, and be receptive to constructive criticism.  Don’t be naive and DON’T act entitled.  As wonderful and amazingly beautiful as you might think you are (and might actually be) the reality is, the modeling industry is an extremely saturated market.  If you show up to a shoot with a bad attitude, you can lose that and future bookings.  In the modeling world, you are easily replaceable.  Because, as amazing of a human being you are, there are many more eager souls just like you who are willing to arrive earlier, work harder, take better direction, and smile the entire time (at least figuratively speaking).  Those who understand that can go far not just in modeling but in life.

Be humble.  Be hungry.  Be ready.  And remember, no one owes you anything. If you are one of the lucky individuals who actually gets to make money doing something you love, cherish every second of it.  If you are just starting out and are doing things for free to get your foot in the door, soak up every ounce of knowledge you can.  Always be aware that just because you are doing something for free, doesn’t mean you get to call the shots.  There are other, possibly more experienced, individuals who are giving you their time, energy, and effort and the best part is, you get to walk away with invaluable tools you can use to further your career. Be appreciative and professional… always. If you realize that modeling is a job that requires patience and dedication, welcome.  If you are reading this blog so you can help someone else take a stab at being a professional model, I am excited you’re here.  I hope you will be an active reader and that you will find this blog helpful and encouraging.

Until next time,

-Lil’ Lola


Photo Credit: Lola O Photography

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