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Welcome to Think Like A Model Kid! This is a great place for parents to learn more about the modeling industry so that they can help their child(ren) have a fun and rewarding modeling career. Of course, you can still read all of the other posts but if you are only interested in the information directed towards child models ages 1-12, simply click on the “Kid” tab in the menu above.

So what does modeling mean to you? What are the reasons you think your child(ren) would be good at this profession? What type of commitment are you willing and able to make to help your child(ren) succeed? These are important questions. Many people see the glamour and fame and focus on that, not realizing that there is a lot that goes into being a model. The truth is, most children who model professionally never become famous. And while there is a lot of fun to be had, it is a business. In order to make any money they have to put in work.

Your child won’t be the only one putting in work, however. Of course, the child still has to deliver and be a professional but a lot of your time will be taken up just being present. Do you have a schedule that will allow for that? Do you have the patience that is needed to show up and wait quietly while your child captivates the camera? And, more importantly, are you aware of the dangers and are you prepared to guide and protect your child at no matter what?

Think Like A Model Child

Some kids are born to be in front of the camera while others just don’t have the right personality for all of the attention. Yet, sadly, there are a lot of parents out there who are willing to exploit their children for financial gain, no matter how damaging it is to their well-being. Before you expose your children to the world, you’ll really need to think seriously about how much of it would be for them and how much of it would be for you.

If your goal is for your child to take some pretty pictures you might want to consider getting a nice DSLR camera and becomming a hobby photographer. This way, your family gets something out of it but you still get to live your lives without the disruption of a packed schedule dedicated to the fashion industry. If you want your child to be the next Baylor Cryder or Lily Chee, however, now’s the time to get serious.

This business requires children to be a more mature than their peers and be great at following directions; people are paying big money for them to work their magic, after all.

If your child is extremely photogenic, plays well with others, and is overall very happy an behaves well then I encourage you to keep learning here at Think Like A Model. If you’re a parent who is seriously contemplating getting your child(ren) into the business then I urge you to bookmark this site. If you know someone else who might benefit from the information provided here or are simply curious about the industry, please keep coming back for more posts. Whatever your reason for reading this now, there is something on this blog that will enlighten you about the business.

So I welcome you and am so glad you stopped by. Until next time!

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