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Welcome to Think Like A Model Teen! This is a great place for teens, and parents of teens who are interested in the modeling business, to learn some tips and tricks of the trade. While there are things that apply to models of all ages, this section of the blog will be catered to you! Of course, you can still read all of the other posts but if you are only interested in the posts directed towards aspiring models ages 13-17, simply click on the “Teen” tab in the menu above.

So what does modeling mean to you? If you’re a teen, what are the reasons you think you would be good at this profession? What drives you to pursue the fashion industry for a current or future career? These are important questions. Many people see the glamour and fame and focus on that, not realizing that there is a lot that goes into being a top model. The truth is, most people who model professionally never become famous. And while there is a lot of fun to be had, it is a business. In order to make any money you have to put in work.

To be a professional model you’ll not only need the right looks but also dedication and passion so strong it keeps you going when you feel like quitting. Of course, you’ll also need your parents’ support. Your legal guardian will need to be willing to sign off on everything you do whenever an opportunity comes along. And on top of all of that, there’s still your education to be considered.

Think Like A Model Teen

If your goal is to take some pretty pictures to gain recognition among your peers, you can certainly consider modeling as a hobby. If you want to be the next Tami Williams, Kai Newman, Cara Delevingne, or Kendall Jenner, however, now’s the time to get serious.

They say that a model retires at 25 and while there are definitely many exceptions, you might not even last that long if you don’t give it your all or take care of yourself. The business requires a level of professionalism that a lot of young people just haven’t learned, yet. There will be a lot of exciting challenges thrown your way, should you choose to go for it.

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t give up no matter what then I encourage you to keep learning here at Think Like A Model. If you just love the modeling and fashion world, this blog will also be a fun read for you. If you’re a parent who is seriously contemplating getting your teen(s) into the business then I urge you to bookmark this site. Whatever your reason for reading this now, there is something on this blog that will help you in your pursuit of modeling.

So I welcome you and am so glad you stopped by. Until next time!

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